Fast Image Uploader

Unbeatable simpleness of uploading images to PHP server.
The most needed HTML editors' feature in perfect implementation.


CKEditor Fast Image Uploader screenshot

CKEditor Fast Image Uploader

CKEditor Fast File Uploader screenshot

CKEditor Fast File Uploader

TinyMCE Fast Image Uploader screenshot

TinyMCE Fast Image Uploader

TinyMCE Fast File Uploader screenshot

TinyMCE Fast File Uploader



Upload images to the PHP server. Uploaded piclures will be inserted as regular image and might be edited then with help of standard tools.


Simple insertion of links to uploaded files to CKEditor's or TinyMCE's document. Edit them in future with link dialog.


Very lightweight (~2Kb packed) add-on for CKEditor or TinyMCE will help to make simple image & file upload actions in two clicks.


Do not worry about anything: Fast Image and File Uploader are compatible with any version of CKEditor and TinyMCE.


Live Demo

This is the demonstration of these add-ons. You will get fully the same after purchasing your copy.

CKEditor TinyMCE


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Single Website
  • 1 website
    not for SaaS/OEM usage
  • Full functionality

Most popular
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  1. Copy add-ons into your ckeditor/plugins/ folder
  2. Add this line into your ckeditor/config.js file:
    config.extraPlugins = "fastimage,fastfile";
  3. Add buttons fastimage and fastfile to your toolbar.

That's all!


  1. Copy add-ons into your tinymce/plugins/ folder
  2. Add this line into your TinyMCE init script:
    plugins: "fastimage,fastfile",
  3. Add buttons fastimage and fastfile to your toolbar.

That's all!


Technical questions

Q: I can not upload files using add-on, what should I do?
A: Check permissions for upload folder: plugins/fastfile/uploads/ or plugins/fastimage/uploads/ (depending your plugin) and check that URL for plugins/fastfile/u.php or plugins/fastimage/u.php is accessible via web.

Q: Can I change upload destination directory?
A: Yes, just make plugins/fastimage/uploads/ or plugins/fastfile/uploads/ a symbolic link to your directory where you want to store files.

Q: I have specific URL routing, plugin does not understand automatically where uploader is.
A: Set parameters fastimage_url and fastfile_url with full URL to uploader u.php as a value. Do not forget to change according value in u.php file (see its first lines for more documentation).

Payment & licensing questions

Q: Are there any hidden fees?
A: No, there are no hidden fees. You need to make one time payment only when purchasing the add-ons. For some countries can be added VAT but you will see it before final payment step.

Q: Can I resell or redistribute your plugins?
A: Reselling of the plugins is prohibited. The license is valid until the plugins are used by the customer or when they were installed on some website by the customer. You can redistribute the plugin as a part of greater product if you buy OEM license, but also in this case you can not distribute the plugins alone or inside another CKEditor or TinyMCE plugin.

Q: What payment options do you have?
A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and many-many other payment methods. Please go to checkout page and we are sure that we will accept your card too.

Q: How can I use my license?
A: You can use Single license to embed plugins to one website (but not SaaS or any other *aaS or multidomain website), Freelancer license - the same, but use for multiple websites (manually, not for website builders), SaaS license allows you to install plugins on website which provide some services to the users with creating some private for them (website builder, service startup, etc.). OEM license lets you right to sell the product as a part of your product (you product must not be a plugin to CKEditor/TinyMCE or other editor)

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